Owning the Dash: Applying the Mindset of a Fitness Master to the Art of Family Financial Planning

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2019 Reader’s Choice Awards – 1st Place Winner in the Business and Investing Category

Mastering money can seem impossible in a society focused on short-term impulses: Live for today. Forget about tomorrow. Owning the Dash turns that mindset upside down.

Fitness guru, model, motivational speaker, and Delauney’s late cousin, Greg Plitt, built a fitness empire and adopted the phrase “Owning the Dash.” A force of nature in and out of the gym, Greg believed in planning ahead: taking advantage of every moment and opportunity to make smart decisions now to ensure a healthy future later. In Owning the Dash, CFP™ Anthony Delauney applies Greg’s mindset to his own area of expertise: personal and family financial planning.

Clear, concise, and accessible, Owning the Dash makes planning your future easy and pain-free. Learn how to manage cash flow, knock out debt, minimize taxes, financially protect loved ones, invest with confidence, and save for both education and retirement. Leaving a lasting legacy is important—let Owning the Dash help you establish yours.

To support Anthony’s mission of helping families, Owning the Dash is supporting Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and other charitable organizations that help families in need.
Children’s Miracle Network


“A road map to financial success, Owning the Dash makes the complex world of personal finance easy to understand. More importantly, it shows the importance and simplicity of taking action. Through the metaphor of personal fitness, the reader is provided vital tools to become more confident and own their financial future.”

James Hiter, Jr.,
Former Financial Services Executive and Founder of Streak for a Cure

“As a real estate agent, many of my clients come to me without a financial plan to help them make wise decisions. Having a resource like this book on hand is critical. Owning the Dash offers tools and resources to make wise investments for your family and your future, and is a must-read for anyone hoping to build financial security and success.”

Ashley Gronewald,
Real Estate Agent with Hunter Rowe Real Estate

“Anthony Delauney’s book guides families to financial freedom by using his cousin’s philosophy for maintaining a healthy body: planning, realizing your potential, and making dedicated decisions to maintain your goals. The book is written in a very clear and concise way that takes a dreaded subject—figuring out financial success—and transforms it into a realization that anyone can accomplish their financial goals.”

J. Blake Smith, CPA,
an Owner of Smith & Smith, CPA, P.C.