An Owning the Dash Kid’s Book

Start your kids on the journey to financial literacy in a fun rhyming format that is easy to read, using interactive games as a tool to understand big ideas!

Dash and Nikki and The Jellybean Game

This rhyming book teaches children about the value of saving for the future. Follow along as Dash and Nikki play the Jellybean Game, learning to be patient in their decisions and to always help one another. 

“An interactive, vivid, and enjoyable tale of sibling collaboration.” —Kirkus Reviews

Pinnacle Book Achievement Award

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Lilly and May Learn Why Mom and Dad Work

Lilly and May Learn Why Mom and Dad Work is a rhyming book that helps young children understand why their parents go to work and how the money that they earn helps their family live.

“A straightforward and practical economic primer for young readers…Families looking for a simple, conventional explanation of the nation’s economic system will find this story helpful.” —Kirkus Reviews

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Rohan and Nyra and Big Sister’s Bet

March 7, 2023

Rohan can’t wait for his big sister Nyra to come home, but when she does, she has a surprise in store for him. 

What starts off as a fun game of playing catch soon turns into a powerful, loving lesson on gambling and greed that Rohan will never forget. Discover what awaits in Big Sister’s Bet!

“Delauney’s picture book uses a bond between siblings to showcase…a subtle but important message…linked to gambling awareness and financial literacy.” —Kirkus Reviews

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Michael and Hannah and the Magic

Coming 2023

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Owning the Dash®: Applying the Mindset of A Fitness Master To the Art of Family Financial Planning

Mastering money can seem impossible in a society focused on short-term impulses: Live for today. Forget about tomorrow. Owning the Dash® turns that mindset upside down.

Fitness guru, model, motivational speaker, and Delauney’s late cousin, Greg Plitt, built a fitness empire and adopted the phrase “Owning the Dash®.” A force of nature in and out of the gym, Greg believed in planning ahead: taking advantage of every moment and opportunity to make smart decisions now to ensure a healthy future later. In Owning the Dash®, CFP™ Anthony Delauney applies Greg’s mindset to his own area of expertise: personal and family financial planning.

Clear, concise, and accessible, Owning the Dash® makes planning your future easy and pain-free. Learn how to manage cash flow, knock out debt, minimize taxes, financially protect loved ones, invest with confidence, and save for both education and retirement. Leaving a lasting legacy is important—let Owning the Dash help you establish yours.

“Delauney demonstrates an empathetic understanding of how intimidating financial planning can be…useful…cogent…a nuts-and-bolts guide.” —Kirkus Reviews

Reader’s Choice Awards 1st Place Business and Investing 2019
Harvey Chute Business & Enterprise 1st Place Best in Category

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The No-Regrets Retirement Roadmap

Ready to retire? It’s a complicated question, involving your vision, values, and financial reality. This book is your roadmap to making the most important decisions of your mature life: from defining your retirement dreams to establishing a flexible budget, getting the most out of Social Security, minimizing taxes, protecting your health and investments, and living with no regrets! Handy charts and checklists take you through the process step by step, making even the scariest questions—What if major home or health expenses arise after I retire? What insurance and investment strategies fit my needs? Do I really have enough money?—easy to approach and answer. Whether you’re driving this road alone or with a partner, confident in your assets or worried they won’t last, let Anthony Delauney navigate you to a happy, fulfilled retirement.

Harvey Chute Non-Fiction Business & Enterprise Finalist

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