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The No-Regrets Retirement Roadmap

Ready to retire? It’s a complicated question, involving your vision, values, and financial reality. This book is your roadmap to making the most important decisions of your mature life: from defining your retirement dreams to establishing a flexible budget, getting the most out of Social Security, minimizing taxes, protecting your health and investments, and living with no regrets! Handy charts and checklists take you through the process step by step, making even the scariest questions—What if major home or health expenses arise after I retire? What insurance and investment strategies fit my needs? Do I really have enough money?—easy to approach and answer. Whether you’re driving this road alone or with a partner, confident in your assets or worried they won’t last, let Anthony Delauney navigate you to a happy, fulfilled retirement.

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“A handy and informative personal-finance handbook [that] dispenses a wide range of practical advice…[Delauney’s] extensive professional experience comes through in every authoritative and reassuring section.”

Kirkus Reviews

“Oliver Wendell Holmes once said, ‘I would give my life for the simplicity on the other side of complexity.’ Roy Geer, the late great goal achievement expert and my personal mentor and co-author, shared with me that there are three levels of understanding: simple, complex, profoundly simple. Roy might well have been influenced by Oliver, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that Anthony Delauney has achieved pro-found simplicity in Owning the Dash: The No Regrets Retirement Roadmap. Read it! More importantly, use it—and keep in mind that simple and easy are not synonyms. Holmes and Geer would be as pleased as I am with Delauney’s inspiring words.”

Doug Lennick,
CEO and co-founder of think2perform

“The No-Regrets Retirement Roadmap transitions the reader from financial freedom to the planning stages of retirement. Anthony Delauney answers some of the toughest questions individuals struggle with throughout life, including: What does retirement mean? Will I have enough when I retire? With his easy-to-follow writing style, Delauney guides the reader through the management of retirement. His strategic step-by-step procedure, along with the use of a comprehensive financial advisor that understands your goals, can make your dream of retirement a reality.”

J. Blake Smith, CPA,
Co-Owner of Smith & Smith, CPA, P.C.

“Anthony Delauney has created the perfect guide for anyone interested in making the most of their retirement years. Owning the DASH: The No-Regrets Retirement Roadmap uniquely captures the most critical elements of successful retirement planning, blending both qualitative reflections on your personal values and needs in retirement as well as the quantitative critical financial elements. Anthony explains the complex financial decisions all retirees must make in an easy to understand and relatable manner. The No-Regrets Retirement Roadmap is an educational journey that will leave you feeling more intelligent and confident about your future, and serves as the perfect first step as you prepare to meet with a financial professional to plan your ideal retirement.”

Bill Williams,
Executive Vice President, Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC

Dash and Nikki and the Jellybean Game

“Welcome, one and all, to the Jellybean Game.” This rhyming book from the author of Owning the Dash teaches children about the value of saving for the future. Follow along as Dash and Nikki play the Jellybean Game, learning to be patient in their decisions and to always help one another. Sometimes a simple game can teach a lifelong lesson!


“An interactive, vivid, and enjoyable tale of sibling collaboration.”

Kirkus Reviews

Owning the Dash®: Applying the Mindset of a Fitness Master to the Art of Family Financial Planning

Mastering money can seem impossible in a society focused on short-term impulses: Live for today. Forget about tomorrow. Owning the Dash® turns that mindset upside down.

Fitness guru, model, motivational speaker, and Delauney’s late cousin, Greg Plitt, built a fitness empire and adopted the phrase “Owning the Dash®.” A force of nature in and out of the gym, Greg believed in planning ahead: taking advantage of every moment and opportunity to make smart decisions now to ensure a healthy future later. In Owning the Dash®, CFP™ Anthony Delauney applies Greg’s mindset to his own area of expertise: personal and family financial planning.

Clear, concise, and accessible, Owning the Dash® makes planning your future easy and pain-free. Learn how to manage cash flow, knock out debt, minimize taxes, financially protect loved ones, invest with confidence, and save for both education and retirement. Leaving a lasting legacy is important—let Owning the Dash help you establish yours.

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“A road map to financial success, Owning the Dash® makes the complex world of personal finance easy to understand. More importantly, it shows the importance and simplicity of taking action. Through the metaphor of personal fitness, the reader is provided vital tools to become more confident and own their financial future.”

James Hiter, Jr.,
Former Financial Services Executive and Founder of Streak for a Cure

“As a real estate agent, many of my clients come to me without a financial plan to help them make wise decisions. Having a resource like this book on hand is critical. Owning the Dash® offers tools and resources to make wise investments for your family and your future, and is a must-read for anyone hoping to build financial security and success.”

Ashley Gronewald,
Real Estate Agent with Hunter Rowe Real Estate

“Anthony Delauney’s book guides families to financial freedom by using his cousin’s philosophy for maintaining a healthy body: planning, realizing your potential, and making dedicated decisions to maintain your goals. The book is written in a very clear and concise way that takes a dreaded subject—figuring out financial success—and transforms it into a realization that anyone can accomplish their financial goals.”

J. Blake Smith, CPA,
an Owner of Smith & Smith, CPA, P.C.

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“The perfect guide for anyone interested in making the most of their retirement years.”
—Bill Williams, Exec VP,
Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC

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“An interactive, vivid, and enjoyable tale of sibling collaboration.” —Kirkus Reviews

Barnes & Noble
Mascot Books

“A roadmap to financial success.”
—James Hiter, Jr.,
Financial Services Exec

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