From the Author

Greg and MarkOn January 17, 2015, I experienced the death of my cousin, Greg Plitt. Greg and I grew up together, and he was like an older brother to me. His parents are my godparents. Greg discovered early that in order to find happiness, he needed to take ownership of his life and find value in himself.

When Greg passed, his videographer and close friend Mark created a tribute video highlighting several of Greg’s most valuable life lessons. The first time I saw the video, I knew that my own life moving forward would be forever changed. I’m still learning from my cousin and am grateful for every life lesson that he shared. His legacy lives on in Owning the Dash and the thousands that he inspired.

When writing Owning the Dash, I had many ideas about topics that could go into the book. Each time I watched my cousin’s videos on life and fitness philosophies, I discovered more comparisons between fitness and finance. In essence, both require a growth mindset and clear goals. On a drive to the gym one morning, the title and foundation for the book became abundantly clear. Greg’s app started to play the soundtrack from his “Sweat Equity” video. Owning the Dash was born.