Akash and Mila and the Big Jump

The story of two friends who love to jump, run and play. They are attending their first gymnastics class. After Akash attempts his first jump off the springboard, it doesn’t go as planned, and he crashes to the ground in front of all the other gymnasts. Fear of judgement quickly takes root, and both Akash and Mila don’t want to try again.  

Fortunately, two supportive older gymnast named Dash and Lulu step up to help. They share a powerful story of their early years in gymnastics, and Lulu explains, “Making mistakes is okay. We know they’re never planned. But now you get to choose. Do you want to try again?” With their words of wisdom, Akash overcomes his fear, and this time, he lands on his feet, followed by cheers from the group.  Mila follows with a terrific jump right after him!

This book’s lesson is about trying new things, even if you fail after one or multiple tries. Failure is a way we grow and learn!  Overcoming our fear of judgement is a powerful lesson that will instill confidence in the years to come.  

The story also shares how support and encouragement from peers plays such a critical role in shaping one’s mindset about themselves and about those around them.  We can all raise one another up!

“A pleasant kids’ story about making mistakes and facing fears…readers will find the story’s inclusion of a peer to help the kids feel comfortable in class to be a lovely touch.”

Kirkus Reviews

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