Reasons for the 40 Day Dash

The #40DayDash Challenge

  • The challenge starts Saturday, October 26 and ends Wednesday, December 4.

  • Question: Does each person have to do forty reps of the exercise or is it a total of forty reps?
    Answer: The total needs to be forty.  Each person is not required to do forty, but we encourage you to do as many as you want up to forty total.

  • Question: Can I post multiple videos?
    Answer: Yes, but you need to have a different partner in each video.  Two videos with the same partner will not count toward the challenge.

  • Question: Is there an age restriction?
    Answer: There is no age restriction.  Videos with moms and/or dads with toddlers on their shoulders doing pushups or other exercises are encouraged and welcomed.  If you are carrying/supporting another person while doing the exercise, we’ll double the count for each rep!

  • Question: Can more than two people be in the video?
    Answer: Absolutely!  Go crazy.  Major props to anyone who gets forty people all doing one rep in one video!

Good luck and thanks for participating!  Can’t wait to see your video(s)!

Example Video: